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5 Signs You Should Do a Mold Test

Mold is one of those things that is not always obvious. But it is not an issue that is to be taken lightly. There are several health issues that come with mold. It is one of those silent killers that we at Crawlspace Remediation LLC in Waterford, MI want to help with. These are some warning signs to mold that could help you protect your family.


If you smell mold, don’t ignore it. A lot of the time an odor is the only warning sign you will get.

Seeing Mold

It may seem obvious, but there are homeowners who think the small amount of mold they see on the wall is no big deal. What they don’t know is there can be a tremendous amount of mold behind the wall from a leaky pipe or condensation.

Signs of a Water Problem

Signs like leaking roofs, attics, pipes, or rusting could indicate a mold problem. As mold likes to grow in areas that are cool and have a lot of moisture, all of these areas are great candidates for mold.

Paint and Wallpaper Peeling

Peeling wallpaper and paint are signs of moisture in the walls. This could be a sign there is a leak in the siding or pipes in the wall. If you notice peeling, check for moisture or other possible areas water could be getting into the wall.

Past flooding

If you have had flooding recently and it left things like drywall, carpet, or other structural material wet for more than 24 hours, there is a distinct chance mold will be growing, and it’s possible it could be the kind of mold that can be harmful to your home and family.

Mold is an issue that can sneak up on you, and there are plenty of other signs that can point to a mold issue. If you have any other questions about mold removal in Waterford, MI please feel free to contact us. We would love to help and answer any questions you may have on mold and how we can help you handle it.

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