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How Vapor Barriers Keep Your Family Safe

Remember how fun it was to play games with friends when you were a kid, where you would create fictitious scenarios and play them out? There was always the game where your house was supposedly burning down, and you could only save one thing. The one thing you chose to save was usually along the lines of a prized stuffed animal or a house pet. However, did we ever choose our family as one of the options? How about the potentially hazardous air quality within our home as one of the scenarios? I’m sure none of us would consider those factors way back then, but why not? Indoor air quality could be a very real and serious danger if not protected.

Could a Vapor Barrier Help Me?

Your family’s safety is a top priority in your life. So, it would only make sense to do everything you can to save them, right? In the situation where dangerous vapor is leaking throughout your household, it only makes sense to save your family by installing a vapor barrier with the help of Crawlspace Remediation. This will reduce the risk of toxic vapors entering your home.

It’s no secret a household’s crawlspace plays a significant role in the overall air quality of your entire house. When there’s a change in temperature, there is a higher likelihood that moisture will grow, and dangerous effects begin to occur. Therefore, it is important to install a thin layer of impermeable material, typically polyethylene sheeting, known as a vapor barrier. This material is utilized in building construction to ultimately prevent moisture from damaging the fabric of the building. Without this construct in place, there is a greater potential for moisture build up. The consequences for a substantial amount of moisture buildup is mold growth, which brings a multitude of potential health issues for your loved ones. For instance, chronic sinus infections have recently been reported to be linked to a person constantly inhaling air that is infected by mold, and individuals with asthma or mold allergies are equally, if not more affected, by the toxins mold produces.

Who Can Help Me Install a Vapor Barrier?

Therefore, now that you’re an adult and your childhood days are over, it is quite clear what, or really whom, needs to be saved from the potential dangers your house brings. So, save your family from the hazardous environment mold brings by having Crawlspace Remediation come to your home and install our vapor barriers. When it comes to saving your family, put the experts to work, so that you and your loved ones can finally have the clean air you deserve. To get your mold remediation inspection estimate done for free, call Crawlspace Remediation at (765) 637-5775. Protect your family—call us today.

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