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About Us

About Crawlspace Remediation - Waterford, MI

Crawlspace Remediation is a local business serving the Greater Waterford area for all of their crawlspace and commercial drainage needs. Your crawlspace is one of the most important parts of your home’s foundation, and we believe in keeping it protected. With their team of four to ten seasonal employees, Crawlspace Remediation continues to work in the Waterford area and provide quality crawlspace repair services. Whether it is mold removal, crawlspace repair, or commercial drainage, Crawlspace Remediation is the team for you!

About the Owner

Born and raised in Lafayette, IN Sam Goode did not always hold interests in Crawlspace Repair. Sam was originally a music theater major who attended Vincennes University. He transferred to Purdue where he received his degree in Business Management in 2008. In 2009, Sam began work with a crawlspace company. He worked with this company for about one year before branching out and starting his own crawlspace business. Crawlspace Remediation was founded in 2011, and business has boomed ever since! Crawlspace Remediation offers a variety of services, and they are a professionally Certified Air Inspector. Sam values his experienced staff and tries to take good care of his employees.



Brief Overview of Crawlspace Services

  • We install vapor barriers to prevent odors and mold spores from entering your home
  • If moisture has weakened the structural integrity of the house, we can help with structural repair and replacement.
  • Our inspection identifies mold growth throughout the home as well as the source that is causing growth.
  • We install drainage systems to redirect water out of your crawlspace.

Financing Available in Michigan

Crawlspace Remediation in Michigan is introducing a hassle-free financing option for clients, covering project expenses of $1,000 to $25,000 and dividing the cost into easy monthly installments. Please note that Wisetack® does not run your credit until you choose a re-payment option that works for you. 

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