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Prevent Water Damage with French Drainage Systems in the Greater Detroit Michigan Area

Water control and management in your Michigan crawlspace or around the home is essential for any structure, like your home. Water from a substandard gutter spout can come down and saturate the ground. It can pool in areas around the home leading to serious problems like wood rot and can even lead to a cracked foundation.

Can I control water around my home?

Water around the home must be properly controlled to ensure the durability of the home and to fight off the conditions that can allow mold and other nastiness to flourish under and inside the home. Most water issues can be solved by using a perforated drain tile around the outside walls of the crawlspace or outside the home.

How does it work?

We use a four-inch corrugated and perforated drain tile with an accompanied sleeve. A sump basin of no less than two and a half feet is then installed. All of our pumps come with an owner’s manual of operation and info on a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Two of our most popular brands of sump pumps are Zimmer and Coleman. We can install the drain tile so that it will guide the water to a point of our choosing. This is where the sump pump will be placed. From here, the water will be pumped out and away from your home.

Our Commercial Drainage Systems

Our drainage systems that feed into the sewer are mostly for commercial buildings. These use the same process as our residential French drainage system, only instead of diverting the water to a location outside of the home, they are rerouted to the city sewer system. This completely removes the water and ensures that the foundation will stay dry. In order to hook up to the city sewage system we must install a drain.

The Power of Water Damage

A wet crawlspace is the number one problem we see. It’s a recipe for all sorts of disasters. Excessive moisture and standing water in the foundation can lead to serious problems. Wood-destroying fungus can grow and that leads to exposed framing. It can also lead to an infestation of wood destroying termites and other creepy crawlers. If allowed to become too extreme, water penetration can lead to the undermining of the foundation. Don’t let damage get that far – call Crawlspace Remediation today.




I had a mold and water problem in my crawlspace at work and Called Sam Goode with Crawlspace Remediation, LLC. Sam took photos, explained the issues and gave me an estimate within a day.

Upon hiring Sam and his crew, I found that they were professional, clean and obviously knew what they were doing. The job was completed in a timely manner and the price was reasonable. I would highly recommend their services.