In 2017, it seems like almost anything can cause health issues, so it is important to keep up with the things we can control. Specifically, at Crawlspace Remediation, we value the quality of your water when we work with your drainage systems. So, take control of your health and call Crawlspace Remediation for people that value your health!

Common health issues related to poor drainage systems:

According to the Federal Institute of Technology, some common health disparities related to poor drainage systems can be: water related vector-borne diseases; orally transmitted diseases; and chronic health issues related to exposure to residues of agro-chemicals or, a chemical used in agriculture, such as a pesticide or a fertilizer. Water related diseases are commonly caused by the build up of bacteria, viruses, and parasites as a result of a poor drainage system. Call Crawlspace Michigan today for all the drainage system services in White Lake Michigan you need to prevent these health risks!

Common Reasons for Health Issues Include: 

The Federal Institute of Technology quotes that reasons including, quality and quantity of water, type and frequency of human-water contacts, number and distribution of vector or intermediate host breeding sites, and exposure of humans to vector and intermediate host populations. These can all be affected by keeping up with the maintenance of your drainage system. How would this happen though? Water from a substandard gutter spout can come down and saturate the ground. It can pool in areas around the home leading to serious problems like wood rot or mold. The National Library Institutes of Health quotes, “ Drainage systems and its maintenance, if neglected, could pose a threat in both community and healthcare causing infections as well as emergence of multi-resistant bacteria that could cause unpredictable clinical manifestations.” So, stay healthy! Keep up with the maintenance of your drainage system in White Lake, Michigan.

Crawlspace Remediation, Michigan

Here at Crawlspace Remediation, we understand that a wet crawlspace is the number one problem we see. It’s a recipe for all sorts of disasters. Excessive moisture and standing water in the foundation can lead to serious problems. Wood-destroying fungus can grow, which leads to exposed framing. Not only can keeping up with your drainage system prevent health disparities, but it can prevent water damage on your home. So why wouldn’t you want to call Crawlspace Remediation? Here at Crawlspace Remediation, we value your health and your home. We give 100% in water control and management so you have the best drainage system in White Lake, Michigan!