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7 Tips for Removing Mold

Mold is a tricky combatant with several cards up its sleeve. To battle mold most effectively, it takes a balance of cleaning know-how and handyman skill. Crawlspace Remediation is the premiere mold remover for the greater Waterford area. Years of experience have culminated in 7 tips to help you remove mold from your home

1. Find Hidden Water Leaks

Mold growing near water pipes, plumbing fixtures, or ice makers may be feeding off of moisture from a water leak. Even trace amounts of water can give mold enough to grow. Let the water run and check the area for damp spots.

2. Don’t Ignore Mold

Small patches of mold are signs of a bigger problem. Don’t slack on cleaning small patches of mold, and check the surrounding areas for signs of moisture.

3. External Leaks

Growth patches on the walls or ceiling can signify a roof or wall leak that is letting rain and humidity into your home.

4. Duct Insulation

Mold forming on the ceiling when there is no sign of a roof leak can point toward another culprit: ducts. The cold air being carried in the ducts can cause condensation on the outside of the duct due to the hot air on the outside of the ducts. Proper insulation or a vapor barrier can resolve this issue while saving you money on wasted cold air from your A/C unit.

5. Use an Antimicrobial Spray

After removing the mold and drying the moisture from the area, apply an antimicrobial spray to the spot where the mold was. The clean surface makes it harder for mold to regrow, keeping the area safe for the future.

6. Paint with Mildewcide

In areas susceptible to mold, like basement walls, paint with a special primer and paints that are resistant to mold and mildew. The paint container will clearly say on it that it resists mildew and mold. The preventative step can save you from a lot of effort down the road.

7. Keep Mold Cleaned Up

Mold spreads through spores in the air. Existing mold in your home will spread quickly if left to sit. By keeping danger areas, such as bathroom sinks and bathtubs, cleaned, you are keeping the rest of your home safe.

Mold removal can be dangerous if the patch of mold is large enough. If you suspect that the mold may be dangerous, or if the patch of mold exceeds several inches in diameter, consult an expert for removing the mold.

Crawlspace Remediation is Waterford’s mold expert and the only Certified Air Inspector in the region. From cleaning to prevention, don’t let your family breathe in mold. From mold removal tips to mold-proofing your home, put the best in Waterford to work for you. Get your mold remediation inspection estimate done for free today, call Crawlspace Remediation today at (765) 637-5775.

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