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Why Black Mold is So Bad for You and Your Family

Crawlspace Remediation does battle with a dangerous foe in Waterford, MI on a daily basis. While seemingly innocuous, this enemy is more common than people may realize, yet is potentially a big health hazard. Fortunately, this fungus can be beaten.

Stachybotrys chartarum, better known as black mold, is a fungus that can grow almost anywhere where humidity and moisture are. As the name implies, it appears as a simple black mold that can grow on walls, paper, flooring, and more. If the surface is cellulose and damp, it can easily become home to black mold.

Black mold is one of over 10,000 molds that can find their home inside of a building. Most molds are harmless, causing allergic reactions at the most, but black mold is an exception. Black mold looks very similar in appearance to other varieties of mold, but this type is more hazardous to your health.

Black mold is infamous because of the mycotoxins it produces. These toxins can be absorbed through breathing, ingestion or direct contact. Prolonged exposure or ingestion of black mold mycotoxins can produce a large variety of symptoms, depending on where the toxins are in the body. Health risks range from difficulty breathing to a suppressed immune system, all the way up to internal bleeding and more. Black mold can place an individual’s life in danger, and should be treated with care.

It is important to note, do not try to self-test a mold to see what variety of mold it is. Treat them all with respect and clean them accordingly. All large patches of mold should be handled by a professional. The best weapon against all mold is knowing how to prevent it from growing.

Crawlspace Remediation is Waterford’s mold expert, and the only Certified Air Inspector in the region. From cleaning to prevention, don’t let your family breathe in mold. The home inspections can sweep your entire home to see what possible mold risks may exist in your house. From there, Craw Space Remediation can prevent the mold from growing. Get your mold remediation inspection estimate done for free today, call Crawlspace Remediation today at (765) 637-5775.

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