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Why You Should Leave Mold Cleanup to the Professionals

According to BlackToxicMolds.com, the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to black mold is trying to remove it yourself. There is so much you have to know about black mold cleanup before you attempt it. Just because you read some article on the Internet doesn’t mean you are an expert with all the knowledge to tackle this nasty stuff. Don’t forget that black mold is toxic, and the spores can release all over the rest of your home if not disposed of properly. This could put your entire family at risk. So let’s talk about why you should leave mold cleanup to the professionals and what a professional knows about this type of work. Just remember to call Crawlspace Remediation in Waterford, MI for all your mold cleanup needs.

Know What You’re Looking For

For those who don’t have a lot of experience removing black mold, making judgment calls is a lot more difficult. Sometimes you can remove black mold easily, and sometimes you have to completely remove all the wood and drywall. Do you know where the line is? Do you know when you absolutely have to cut everything out? If not, leave it to the pros.

Have the Proper Equipment

Typically, you need eye protection, a respirator mask, gloves, and your body needs to be completely covered. The clothes you wear must cover your arms and legs, and they must be easily cleaned or disposed of. Plastic sheets are necessary to seal rooms off from spore contamination. If you don’t have all these items or don’t know where to get them, a trained professional will be happy to help you out and perform the mold cleanup for you.

Know How to Properly Remove Mold

The mold and the mold spores have to be transferred to and completely sealed in plastic bags. Once you believe you have all the mold sealed in plastic bags, do you know where to dispose of them? Is there anything else you should do? Should you start using a HEPA vacuum? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, just give a professional a call to come help you out.

Know How to Prevent Another Black Mold Infestation

There are certain precautions you have to take to prevent another bout of black mold. The black mold was growing wherever it was because it was moist, and the mold had access to a plentiful supply of water. To prevent more black mold from sprouting, you have to find the source of the water and stop it. Crawlspace Remediation can help you identify the reason for the black mold.

There’s Potential to Harm Your Pets and Family

If any of this were to go wrong, you could potentially put your family at risk for serious health issues. There are 16 molds that produce mycotoxins that are poisonous to humans. These molds can cause symptoms that mimic colds and flus such as coughing, running nose, blocked nose, wheezing, itchy eyes, runny eyes, itchy ears, sneezing, sore throat, sinus congestion and hair loss. The mold can also adversely affect your pets! Sparky or Fluffy can experience reactions to mold too. For a full list of mold symptoms, follow the link.

Therefore, you should always call Crawlspace Remediation in Waterford, MI when you are faced with a mold problem. Mold cleanup is our specialty! Just give us a call today! (765) 637-5775

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