Pontiac, MI


Crawlspace Remediation - Pontiac, Michigan

Crawlspace Remediation near Pontiac, Michigan is proud to be a leader at the forefront of the industry. Our highly experienced staff members and client-centric services truly set our company apart, and we will go above and beyond to ensure our clients have the best services possible. Our services are durable and reliable, and we will create a customized plan for the specific needs of your home and family. We specialize in crawlspace encapsulation, drainage systems, commercial irrigation, mold inspection, and more. Call today for a consultation and learn more about how our services will protect your home!

Crawlspace Moisture Control

Crawlspace encapsulation in Pontiac, MI is crucial in protecting your home and foundation from water damage and growth of mold or mildew. In order to implement successful encapsulation, our team will fully inspect the current state of your crawlspace – removing any sitting water in the crawlspace. We then install a vapor barrier, which is essentially a thin lining of plastic that is placed on all floors and walls of the crawlspace. This vapor barrier keeps moisture away from your crawlspace, ensuring the entire space is free of water damage and mold. For more information on how we can protect your home through crawlspace encapsulation, feel free and give us a call!

Basement Waterproofing Services

We utilize drainage systems to keep excess water away from your home and crawlspace. These systems act as a wall of protection around your property, capturing pools of water before it reaches your crawlspace and then moving it to a sump basin located no less than 2.5 feet away from the area. These sump basins then pump water away from your premises, keeping your crawlspace dry and protected. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your crawlspace, call Crawlspace Remediation today!


I had a mold and water problem in my crawlspace at work and Called Sam Goode with Crawlspace Remediation, LLC. Sam took photos, explained the issues and gave me an estimate within a day.

Upon hiring Sam and his crew, I found that they were professional, clean and obviously knew what they were doing. The job was completed in a timely manner and the price was reasonable. I would highly recommend their services.