Flooding has always been a problem for residents of White Lake, MI. Water can easily flood the lakes and flow into nearby residential areas. If flooding occurs in your area, it is very important that your basement is adequately waterproofed. If you have not had your basement waterproofed in White Lake, then water can seep into your home and cause significant structural damage. This could force you to shell out large sums of cash to have your basement foundation repaired.

Only a couple inches of water in your basement can cost up to $10,000 in repairs. A larger flood could cost five times that much to repair if the water is left untouched for very long. It doesn’t take long for mold to start to grow and become a real problem. Flooding can cause significant foundational problems to your home as well. When there is a lot of water in your basement, it pushes out on the walls of your home. This can weaken the supports and even separate the foundation entirely. In addition, flooding in your basement can ruin some of the electrical circuitry in your home. That is yet another added expense that you want to steer clear of.

If you do suffer from foundational damage from a flood, it can sometimes be difficult to recognize just how bad the damage is. There are a few things you should look out for that could be a sign of foundational damage. Maybe your doors don’t shut properly anymore, or you notice cracks in the door or window frames. Maybe the bricks in your siding have started cracking or you notice that some floors are sloping a little bit. These are all signs that you have foundational damage, and you need to have it fixed as soon as possible. It is best to get your basement waterproofed ahead of time so that you can avoid huge unexpected financial losses.

Crawlspace Remediation Michigan is proud to serve the White Lake community with quality service. We are known for our work repairing and encapsulating crawlspaces, but we are also a leading provider in basement waterproofing in White Lake, MI. One of the tools we use to keep your basement free of unwanted water is called a vapor barrier. It keeps the moisture out, which prevents mold from growing. This leads to your home being filled with cleaner, safer air.

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